Flight Plan Fuel - Consequences!

My goal for everyone who enrolls in Flight Plan is to providethe knowledge and success principles that the vast majority of youth and young adults are unaware of until much later in life if at all.

How do you tell a good thinker from a poor thinker? How do you evaluate and separate a good decision from a bad one.

The answer to these questions is often the difference between a good life and poor one.

Its simple. Consequences! Whats likely to happen down the road if you do something today?

You know that there are two reasons for doing anything. There is the reason that sounds good and then there is the real reason.

The real reason is almost always self-gratification, personal benefit, an immediate reward for the person doing it. We call this motivation. The reason that sounds good is almost always noble and aimed at benefiting others in some way.

Almostevery politician plans to do something for the people. That "plan"is based on these two reasons. The "real" reason is that the government program or spending plan will most likely help the politician get re-elected.

Understand the consequences! The secondary consequences of a poor idea or decision can be far worse than if nothing were done at all.

All actions and inaction have consequences, and the superior person thinks about what they might be, carefully in advance of deciding.

Many things withpositive short term consequences have very negative long term consequences. Take eating for example. Delicious food in excess can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and early death.

Lifelong learning is something with very positive long term consequences. Continually upgrading your skills and renewing your mind can lead to a life of material prosperity and personal happiness.

Too much television, social media, radio, socializing and unfocused activity may be fun at the moment. But these activities lead to underachievement, frustration and failure.

Make sure that what youre doing, what youre spending out, will come back to you with the things you really want in the future.

What decisions will you make in the next week and what will the consequences be for your future?

Coach John


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